You can't sweat out . . .

Everything good, mon?

In Just absolutely dominating people on January 21, 2009 at 10:30 pm
Reggie Spence aka the Jamaican Juggernaut aka the Best Landlord Ever was a man who dominated life before passing away at the end of 2008.
Fact: Reggie Spence never frowned
Fact: Reggie Spence crushed Bud Heavies from time to time
Fact: Reggie Spence started every conversation with “Everything good, mon?” and ended it with “No problem, mon!”
Fact: He was the glue that held the building together
Fact: Since he passed, the lock on our front door has been temperamental and our hot water pipe burst four days ago
Fact: Cold showers in January are brutal to unbearable
Fact: Pipes were afraid to burst in Reggie’s presence
Being the sleazy broker that he was, the guy who showed us our apartment in the summer of 2007 made our future landlord seem like kind of a hardass.  I mean, I even wore a tie when we went to sign our lease in hopes of making a good impression.  So, imagine my surprise when Reggie Spence turned out to be a complete teddy bear.  And a handsome teddy bear at that.  So handsome, in fact, that whenever he was not around for a couple of days, Mosher was convinced that he was off gallivanting around town with a bevy of women.
The world is a better place for having had Reggie in it, and we were lucky to live in his building.  Plans are already underway for Reggie Spencefest this summer.
Reggie, however, lives on in our apartment, as when we moved in, we named the wireless network we connect to for the internet “Reggie Spence,” after the man who added about 11 y’s everytime he said “hey buddyyyyyyyyyyyy.”
In other words, John Stamos Fever is brought to you by Reggie Spence.
  1. Seano

    I did not need to be told anything about your landlord other than the fact that his name was “Reggie.” If your name is Reggie you are automatically 50% cooler than if you were given some pedestrian name like, say, Stuart. In fact, for purposes of awesomeness the main character in any action film should be called either Reggie, Leon, or Axel. I refuse to argue about this. For the record, I have never actually met a Reggie. I saw Reggie Lewis play in person on several occasions, but that’s as close as I ever got to a real, live Reggie. Still, I have absolutely no problem making such a grandiose generalization about a group of people who have only a first name in common.

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