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If only your life had a soundtrack like these movies…

In What? This isn't a documentary? on January 26, 2009 at 1:30 am

While we spent the day recovering from last night’s Early 90s dance party,  Jacko bought a Playstation 3 and spent 6 or so hours playing a game called Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. I could make a comment about his lack of productivity for a Sunday, except I sat there watching him play for about 5 of those hours.  Anyway, I could care less about video games (because I am bad at them), but I am psyched to quite psyched about the PS3’s Blu-Ray capabilities, which we just tested out by watching 300.

First of all, Blu-Ray is sick.  When you combine it with a visually spectacular movie like 300, which is so battletastic that it is virtually impossible to watch it without getting about a hundred War Boners, it is almost too much to take.

Seeing it for the first time since the theater, however, reminded me of the one disappointing aspect of the movie: its lack of a killer soundtrack.   You can’t have it all, but when I spend two hours watching men with 8 pack abs killing Persians, I like to rock out a little bit.   A movie with a good soundtrack brings it to the next level, pumping up the audience.  I don’t think I could have written papers in college without the soundtrack to Braveheart or Gladiator playing in the background.

Obviously, a director doesn’t have to have tunes pumping for the entire movie, but can effectively pick and choose great songs to pair with great scenes.  Do you think Rocky would have been as good without “Eye of the Tiger” playing?  Think again.  But sadly, as great as the Eye of the Tiger montage is, it doesn’t make my top ten (plus one) list for the best movie songs.   Without further adieu, John Stamos Fever presents:


Honorable Mention

Every song in Forrest Gump

11. Vanilla Ice’s “Go Ninja, Go Ninja Go!” in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: The Secret of the Ooze

Vanilla Ice provides the soundtrack to the turtles dominating the Foot Clan in the middle of a classic early 90s club scene.  There has perhaps never been a greater rap single made for mutant teenage turtles in the history of movies.

10.  Urge Overkill’s cover of Neil Diamond’s “Girl, You’ll be a Woman Soon” in Pulp Fiction

First of all, Pulp Fiction is one of the best movies ever made, and this take on a classic Diamond hit is enough to make me want to become a hitman and work in tandem with Vincent and Jules.  Zed’s dead, baby.

9.   Starland Vocal Band’s “Afternoon Delight” in Anchorman

I think it’s safe to say that never before have four newscasters combined to sing a better rendition of a song that is all about having sex in the middle of the day.

The intimate times?  Outta sight, my man

The intimate times? Outta sight, my man

8.  The Dropkick Murphy’s “I’m Shipping up to Boston” in The Departed

Just unspeakably badass.  The song.  The movie.  The city.  The band.  Perfect combo, just one notch below the best use of an Irish song in a movie set in Boston.  That distinction goes to:

7.  Mychael Danna’s “The Blood of Cu Chulainn” in The Boondock Saints

When the Sarge and I shared a bedroom sophomore year in college, rarely did a day pass without one of us throwing on this song for inspiration.  It fits any mood, livens any situation.  In fact, please feel free to read the rest of this while listening to the tune here:

6. The Geto Boys’ “Damn it Feels Good to be a Gangster” in Office Space.

Why should Initech’s Michael Bolton change his name?  The sax playing pretty boy of the same name is the one who sucks.

5. Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker’s Street” in Good Will Hunting

Fresh off his initial mention in last week’s guest for his virtuoso saxophone skills, Rafferty is back for “Baker’s Street,” which stands out as the best song in an amazing movie filled with great ones. Next time I beat up someone from my kindergarten class, I am definitely listening to this song on my ipod.

4.  The Drifters’ “This Magic Moment” in The Sandlot

The Drifters get the nod for a great song, sure, but the real hero of this scene is Michael “Squints” Palledorous, who effectively fakes almost drowning in order to lay the hottest kiss of his young life on the lifeguard of his dreams, Wendy Peffercorn.   This is the greatest kissing scene in the history of Western Civilization.

The Great Hambino may have the sharpest tongue, but Squints uses his best

The Great Hambino may have the sharpest tongue, but Squints uses his best

3. Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” in Say Anything

Lloyd Dobler: making straight guys consider falling in love with a man since 1989.  Cameron Crowe: using ridiculously sweet songs in his movies since the beginning.

2.   Randy Edelman & Trevor Jones’s theme song to Last of the Mohicans

In order to create a song that matched the epicity of Daniel Day Lewis’s character, Hawkeye, Edelman and Jones must have had to sell their souls to the devil.  Luckily for us, they did, and were able to lay down the single most badass song I have ever heard:

And of course, in our top spot, another gem from Cameron Crowe

1. Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” in Almost Famous

If you have never had a latenight group singalong to “Tiny Dancer,” well my friend, you just haven’t lived.

  1. FINALLY! Gerry Rafferty’s “Baker’s Street” gets the accolades that it deserves! Number 5 overall on a blog by some kid who lives in Brooklyn and wears pin-striped jeans… that sounds about right.

  2. Seano

    I like the list. I really like the concept, because you’re tapping into basically the best part of any kick-ass film. I’m a little curious/concerned about the lack of Rocky-related material. No “Gonna Fly Now”? Or “Eye of the Tiger”? Or the tremendously underrated “Hearts on Fire”?

    Also, I’m curious as to whether or not you’ve seen the Clive Owen/Paul Giamatti film “Shoot ‘Em Up.” The whole film is just one big montage. Absurdity and outrageousness on all levels. You’d love it.

    I’d like to throw out a few of my own personal favorites: “You’re the Best Around” by Joe Esposito from the Karate Kid. Absolutely needs to be involved. “Paradise City” from Can’t Hardly Wait. Not only did that song change my life, but it’s so awesome it got William Lichter laid. Also, and I think this will bring shame to you for forgetting it, “Shout” by the Isley Brothers from Wedding Crashers.

  3. Excellent job Seany Boy. And while I agree with MaineCoast12 about a few songs/movies that maybe should have made the cut there is one song missing that really surprised me. That song is of course Lar’s “Mystic Surrender” from Serendipity. Of course I am being quite sarcastic. I just wanted to show off my Serendipity trivia skills.

  4. LAST OF THE MOHICANS NUMBER 1 NO QUESTIONS. Just think of it as the sound track to punching Charlie in the side of the head

  5. MaineCoast12 read my mind, “Best Around” from Karate Kid deserves to be on this list. Nuff Said. Plus, as much as I like the TMNT, I feel as though that take a little away from the list as the rest of the songs are true classics. I always loved “Right Back Where We Started From” in Slapshot, great movie, and funny song placement.

  6. Ahem. “Goin’ Out West” by Tom Waits in Fight Club as they walk into the bar is a perfect compliment to the badassitude level of the slow-mo.

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