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I’m not sure I follow your logic, Pablo Torre

In The Sporting Life on February 22, 2009 at 11:03 pm

The Kid is a Mariner again, and I couldn’t be happier.  I love a story with a good ending, and a player like Ken Griffey, Jr. re-signing with the team he broke into the majors with fits the bill perfectly.  During my adolescence I distinctly remember drawing (quite poorly) only two major league baseball players:  Griffey and Cal Ripken, Jr. (apparently I had a thing for Juniors playing the American League).   While neither played for my beloved Red Sox, they were two players I idolized.  Having never missed a game due to injury or sickness during my entire Little League career, I had a profound understanding of what it meant to play through pain year after year like Ripken.  And Griffey’s swing was just so gaddamn sexy.  The flick of the wrists, slight uppercut of a swing with its classic follow through.  Woooooow.  I mean, that thing was good.

The smoothest swing is back in Seattle

The majors' smoothest swing is back in Seattle

If not for suffering through a wide range of injuries, he would most likely be ahead of Barry Bonds right now for most home runs in the history of the game.  Unlike Bonds and the newly crowned cheater who will eventually supplant Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Griffey (most likely) never used performance enhancing drugs.  Sadly, until a couple weeks ago, people would have said the same thing about A-Rod.

As I was reading about why Griffey chose the Mariners over the Braves, one particular quote stuck out.  The author of the article, one Pablo Torre (if I had read this article two months ago, this blog may be named La Fiebre de Pablo Torre), describes how talented Griffey’s 13 year old daughter, Taryn, is at basketball with the following gem of a quote: “(How good is Taryn? Her father alleges that she recently beat Nationals third baseman Ryan Zimmerman in a game of “Around the World” at their house.)”

I’m still curious how good Taryn is, because that example did not scream future WNBAer.  I’m not even sure how to take this- does it mean that all major league third basemen are great at basketball shooting games?  Could a junior high version of me beat Mike Lowell at a game of Around the World? (The answer is absolutely.)

Unlike Torre’s indicator of how good Taryn is at basketball, however, there are inarguable examples of how nasty Griffey was in a Seattle uniform.  Namely, this one:

Ninjas in baseball, example 424

Ninjas in baseball, example 424


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