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Curt Schilling is annoying, and a wall of inspiration for the ages

In Come on!, The Sporting Life on March 1, 2009 at 1:50 pm

Curt Schilling was a catalyst for the Red Sox in both 2004 and 2007, bringing the World Series title back to Boston for the first time in 87 years and then again 3 years later.  When he’s on your team, you love him.  He’s fiery and talented, and seems like he cares about nothing else but winning.  He pitches through injuries, and pitches well, especially in big games: he’s 11-2 in playoff games he’s started.  If he’s not on your team, however, he is pretty annoying.  And he’s not on my team any longer.

Obviously I’ll always love him for helping bring two titles to Boston, but pretty much every time I hear from Schilling nowadays, I wish he would just stuff a bloody sock in it.  Today, signing onto, the headline “Schilling: Rays, Cubs would provide ‘challenge'” was one of the featured articles.

Sure, he is one of the greatest big game pitchers in baseball, but he’s also perhaps the greatest big mouthed pitcher in the majors.  In the article, he claims there is about a “20% chance” he will return to the majors this season.  Since when is a 1/5th chance of something happening newsworthy?  When there is a 20% chance of rain on, I leave the umbrella at home.

A born again Christian and staunch Republican, he fires opinions off as frequently as fastballs, becoming a lightning rod for controversy with every team he plays with.  Is he talented? Yes.  Is he annoying? Yes.  Is it worth having him on your team?  Absolutely.  Just ask the Phillies, Diamondbacks or Red Sox.  He brought the former to the world series and won a combined three with the latter two.   He’s a winner.  And a loudmouth.

This is more like it

This is more like it

Searching through pictures of Schilling on the web, I was lucky enough to come across Ricciardi’s “Wall of Inspiration.” To a T, I am inspired by every person on this list.  Except Barry Bonds- I kind of hate him.  But Marybeth Ricciardi, Michael Ricciardi and Kathleen McCann?  I have no idea what these people do, but the fact that they’re doing it, that inspires me.


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