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Randy Moller: The follow up

In Uncle Jesse's Favorites, Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! on March 11, 2009 at 8:39 pm

Randy Moller is such a golden god that he deserves another post, including a link to his greatest hits.

The above link is to the Panthers’ site that is updated each time he spouts out a fantastic goal call, so you will never have to miss a Randy Moller gem again.  Bookmark it.  Right after you bookmark John Stamos Fever.  Wait, you surely have already done that.  Unless you are the person who recently found the blog by typing “how to reduce a fever” into a search engine.  I doubt they bookmarked it.  This is not the place to come for that information.  Sorry to that random peruser if his or her fever was exacerbated in any way from this site.

And if it wasn’t, they should check their pulse.  Because if Randy Moller’s goal calls don’t get your blood flowing, not much can.

Oh, and one final note:  MaineCoast12 will surely shed a tear when he sees one of Moller’s greatest goal calls: “He shoots he scores!  Take me down to the paradise city!”  I rest my case that Moller is the greatest hockey announcer ever.

He shoots!  He scores!  Mmmm that IS a TASTY burger!”

  1. WOW

    Randy Moller is someone I would like to meet and drink adult beverages with.

    Also, it’s important to understand that a guy like Randy Moller has an inherent advantage over someone like Stuart Kim. Now I have no idea who Stuart Kim is, or even if he exists, but I do know that Stuart Kim is a terrible name to have. It is not awesome and it is not easily identifiable with any particular profession. Randy Moller on the other hand is a tremendous name. It sounds like the name of a classic late-eighties wrestler or maybe the bass player for Loverboy. There’s a lot to a name, and old Randy is ahead of the curve.

  2. For your readers edification, and so your site can be a one stop shop for awesomeness and medical advice, you can reduce a fever by taking NSAIDS(asprin)which are prostaglandin inhibitors.

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