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Human Easter eggs and the art of being a MASTER

In The Sporting Life on April 12, 2009 at 7:09 pm

Many championships have been decided in the last 12 hours.  Last night the Illustrious Mr. Beads and I frantically switched between the NCAA hockey championship, which BU won over Miami (OH) in overtime, and the match-up of storied women’s bowling programs from Nebraska and Central Missouri as they battled for their own title.  In matching uniforms and black shorts and red polos.  With coaches in ties and short sleeved dress shirts.

The format in which they compete is different than your everyday bowling, however, which frustrated Beads to no end.   Instead of having two players face off against one another, different players alternate turns, making it necessary to have a solid “closer.”  In the case of Nebraska, this was an angry Goth.  While at first I assumed her look of distaste was actually a mask of competition, but there is always the chance that she was upset about the next day, when millions of Americans would dress up in their colorful Easter best.

Or in the case of the crowd at Augusta National, the site of the Master’s, dress up as actual Easter eggs.  The type with the white shell, of course.

Congrats to Angelo Cabrera, who won the tournament in a double playoff.  He’s the one in yellow below, in front of the sea of pastel:

2 second challenge: Circle the non Anglo Saxons watching Cabrera win.  Set go!

2 second challenge: Circle the non Anglo Saxons watching Cabrera win. Set go!

  1. Happy Birthday, buddy. Sorry I’m a day late and (literally) a dollar short. Hope you enjoyed the big day!!! Seeing as you haven’t posted an entry in as couple of days, I hope that means you are out having fun.

  2. I look forward to more entries from you. You can’t keep your audience waiting…we want more. I know you expect your card to arrive late so I will not even attempt to come up with a story as to why it is late. After all these years, we both know, it will never make it on time. It appears I have simply changed the date of your birthday. Enjoy every day, anyway you can!!!!! Love you & miss you…

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