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Palladia is awesome, Train (with a good amount of -wreck), and Maureen so hawny

In Jesse, the Rippers, and their contemporaries on September 20, 2009 at 11:21 pm

Upon returning home a few nights ago, I wanted to chill out and watch some fantastic HD music action on Palladia on the sweet Sully’s-renter’s-insurance-money-funded TV that is mounted my wall, and I wasn’t going to let anything deter that late night goal.  It started off fantastically, with back to back music videos.  The first featured Bruce Springsteen with the “ok, it just isn’t fair to other musicians when you get a full Irish backing band” rendition of one of his hits (Another example of this is the amazing Van Morrison album with The Chieftans), leading into a Foo Fighters video with the incomparable Dave Grohl and his silky screams.

But the Irish backing band is not the story here, dude.  It’s the amazingly flamboyant – more Adam Lambert than Freddy Mercury – lead singer of Train.  Now I had never heard anything by Train except their poppy, catchy, I’m embarrassed to admit I know the words to 1999 single “Meet Virginia,” so I initially didn’t know what to expect.  (I would later learn that not only did I know several more songs by Train, but also I knew the words.  If only my brain worked for worthwhile things the way it does for song lyrics and movie quotes.)

As he continued to belt out the songs and prance around the stage, the lead singer continually commented on how beautiful the ladies in the audience were and how he was falling in love.  Oh the foreshadowing.  So, when he moved to the edge of the stage and pointed to one special lady, asking “Are you here with anyone?” she answered by extending her arms.  We later learned her name was Maureen.  The rest was history.

Maureen's face is obscured by the light that is reflecting off Rock Jesus

Maureen's face is obscured by the light that is reflecting off Rock Jesus

This girl Maureen just ate up the t shirt over the shirt with a collar combination, and she was not ashamed at all by it.  What followed was a lot of awkward hero worship swooning on her part.  And the lead singer played the part of rock star, singing into the mic with his cheek against Maureen’s.

Oh sweet nothings in the ear for an entire audience to hear. . .

Oh sweet nothings in the ear for an entire audience to hear. . .

Honestly, at times I felt like I was watching late night Cinemax.  At the end of the song, Maureen would jump off the stage, completely satisfied.  You don’t believe me?  Gentlemen, I challenge you to consider whether you have ever made a girl look like this.

O face.  Oh. Oh

Maureen's O face. Oh. Oh

But while watching this exchange, I couldn’t help feeling like somone else there that night had eyes for Maureen.  Eyes that were undressing her in a way the lead singer never could, with his gentle mannerisms, girlish figure and soft voice.  Yes, those eyes were resentful and powerful.  They were the the eyes of Train’s keyboard player.  Who appears to be related to Charles Manson.

At least this isn't a creepy look or anything

At least this isn't a creepy look or anything

  1. No one cares about Train. What the people demand are stories of urban award ceremonies.

  2. the most memorable movie quote that i could think of is the one on Forest Gump *:-

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