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Miss Maine Susie Stauble does not understand security

In Come on! on October 2, 2009 at 3:08 pm

While I am currently in Chicago and reside full-time in Brooklyn, my heart will always be in Maine.  So, on the rare occasion that I purchase USA Today, in the “Across the USA: News from Every State” section, my eyes inevitably scan to Maine first.  There is always the chance that the blurb will be about a lobsterman shooting someone who tampered with his traps or a woman who decapitated her husband’s head with a chainsaw and then buried his dismembered body in their backyard (true story from several years ago, a few towns over from where I grew up).

In yesterday’s edition of the paper, the caption perhaps took the cake.  No, no one lost their head, but someone did lose a trophy that rested on hers.  To quote the Maine entry in news around the country:

“Portland- Miss Maine Susie Stauble said her crown was stolen from her car last week.  Stauble, crowned in June, said she keeps the crown in a brown box on the back seat.  She said replacing the crown will be expensive and hopes it’s returned to her before January, when she’ll represent Maine in the Miss America pageant.”

Wow.  Someone should have told Susie that the back seat of a car is not the safest storage space.  In your barn or outhouse is far more safe.  Too harsh?  I’m allowed to.  Maine born and raised!

  1. Seeing as I have a personal connection to said beauty pageant queen, I’ll throw in my own two cents. I had Susie’s brother in my 8th grade class last year. She was nice enough to come in and show off her crown (prior to theft) for the class and the boys proceeded to drool all over their desks. The teacher did not follow suit.

    She was born and raised in Gray, so there is a high likelihood that she actually does live on a property with a barn…and potentially an outhouse although I think they have running water in most homes there now. Great family and she is a very talented singer.

    Could she be the first Mainer to pick up a national title? Not without that crown!

    By the way, it’s nice to see some regular postings on the blog again. Welcome back. We’ll blame you for Chicago’s loss in the Olympic sweepstakes.

  2. John Stamos Fever is actually the first website that pops up when you google that chicks name

  3. Susie is an amazing person. She has traveled the world over as a missionary, she is well educated, and is an incredible singer and entertainer. Maybe that’s not the greatest place to keep her crown, but I wanted to give my two cents that Susie is not a hick or a fool. She just made a bad judgement and it’s really not necessary to poke fun of Maine because of it. I’m a Mainer too, now NYC, and instead of making Mainers out to be hicks and idiots, I always do my best to show people that Maine is a beautiful place, and has more than its fair share of intelligent, upstanding citizens. Susie is certainly one of them, and she’s one of many in a family of the most caring, loving, and generous people I’ve ever met in my entire life. People like the Staubles are one of the things I miss most about Maine for that matter.

    OH and other girls lose their crowns in other ways…stripped of their crowns for sex scandals, drugging, etc. I think we can be proud of our Susie for misplacing her crown and not losing it for being a fake. LOVE YOU SUSIE!

  4. I also would like to say that Susie is a great girl and comes from a whole family of wonderful people. She really is one upstanding human being and a great representative of the state. I can understand her keeping the crown in her car because of the fact that she dons the thing all the time with all of the appearances that she makes. And that it was stolen from her car not when she was at the mall, school, or work. But while she was parked in a friend’s driveway. Unfortunate, but we still love her!

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