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In What? This isn't a documentary? on October 13, 2009 at 10:42 pm

Ok, so the vampire fad has finally gotten regoddamndiculous.  True Blood.  Fine, that’s a badass show.  The Twilight series?  I even read the first book because every girl I know was obsessed with it (and yes, these are women in their twenties and thirties).  It was decent.  Then came show after show.  Book after book, movie after movie.  But we have finally reached the point where vampires have hopefully completely jumped the shark.

John C. Reilly as a vampire?  Come on now.  This movie, The Vampire’s Assistant, looks about as much fun to watch as fighting a polar bear naked in the Artctic.  How can Reilly go from being a founding member of Prestige Worldwide to this crap?  It’s almost unfathomable.

The only plus side is that maybe it’s a sign that we won’t have to deal with vampires for much longer.  Oh right, until the next 3 Twilight movies come out.

Yup, we’re all screwed.

Hey ladies, fantasize about THIS

Hey ladies, fantasize about THIS

  1. While enjoying my morning coffee, your entry on vampires led me to think about all the advertising I have seen lately for the new movie Zombieland. I realize I am certainly not an expert on horror movies, or for that matter, movies that even make me feel too tense. Yes, I recently left the movie District 9 (because it creeped me out) and snuck into Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs (more my style).
    That said, a quick search of zombie movies on Wikipedia certainly rivals any thoughts of vampires taking over the theaters. How about these titles? Scooby Doo on Zombie Island, Zombies Gone Wild, Zombie Vegetarians, Zombies on Broadway, Zombie Ninja Gangbangers, Zombie Cheerleader Camp, and finally, Zombie Strippers with the tagline “They’ll dance for a fee but devour you for free”. Take that vampire fanatics!

  2. I agree Mr. Walker, the vampire craze has definitely gotten out of hand. Vampires are awesome, that cannot be denied. I actually went as a vampire for Halloween last year. Thankfully that was before the twilight craze and I was more of a Lestat from “Interview with the Vampire” than an Edward. What dissapoints me about these new vampire incarnations is there blatant disregard for the old rules. If you’re a vampire sunlight will burn you, no exceptions (if you’re half human thats a different story) I’ll take “The Lost Boys”, Castlevania for the NES, and even “From Dusk till Dawn” over any of these new vampire crazes.

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