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Important announcement: The 3,333rd person will soon be infected with JSF

In Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! on March 17, 2009 at 10:59 am

That’s right, today will be the day when the 3,333rd viewer of John Stamos Fever will be unveiled.  Will it be you?  Look down to the bottom right of this page to see if you are this incredibly lucky person.  If so, please let it be known by way of comment and you will win the ultimate JSF prize (aka a massive shout out).


I don’t think it is any coincidence that this milestone will occur on St. Patrick’s Day.  33 was Larry Bird’s number when he played for the Celtics.  33 was my basketball number in high school.  33 was Yak, M.D’s basketball number in college (which he stole from me.  But it was for the best, as our warm-up shirts were not translucent, so pretty much nobody in the stands would have been able to see the number 33 until the last few minutes of the game, and then only if it was lopsided.  Oh college basketball, how I miss you).  JSF has also had exactly 33 views today at the point of this writing.  Stars are aligning.

So, until 33,333, this is your best chance to secure the amazing amount of luck that will come from a string of 3’s.  Good luck, godspeed, and happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Oh, and if the blog doesn’t get 12 more readers today, it will mark the biggest backfire since the Saved by the Bell producers replaced Kelly with Tori as Zack’s love interest.


What induces the fever in you?

In Uncle Jesse's Favorites on January 3, 2009 at 11:11 am

You love Popsicles.  You love Brad Pitt movies.  You love space, and to a slightly lesser degree, ninjas. You love Jessie Spano’s episode long addiction to caffeine pills.  You love wedding receptions and Gobstoppers an equal amount. You love both egg salad on toasted wheat bread, and grilled cheddar cheese sandwiches.  You love sneakers, Carl Winslow, and corduroy pants.  You love the old $20 bills.  You love a good hair day, especially when combined with Sierra Nevada beer.  You love barbecues,  rooftops and spontaneous dance parties.  You also love planned dance parties.    You love day drinking at Hank’s Saloon on Sunday Fundays, preceeded by a visit to the diner.   You love John Cusack in Serendipity and the idea of being a lobsterman.  You love Maps & Atlases. . . the band and the nouns.  You love finding money in old pants, a delicious Slush Puppy, and you absolutely love the feel of newly cleaned sheets.

Well, if you love the majority of the above, we would get along, because when I write you, I mean me.  I also love lamp.