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Do your best Jagger!

In Just absolutely dominating people on January 12, 2009 at 11:08 pm

On Sunday morning Jack and I left the apartment together and each almost bit it walking down our metal stairs that were gleaming with ice.  Going to bagel shops on opposite avenues, we had created a distance of about forty yards between us when Jack’s voice suddenly pierced the otherwise pleasant morning air, “Do your best Jagger!”  Knowing the rules, I turned, wagging my right hand around in the air, index finger extended, pursing my lips into an absurd pout.  Then, using the ice to my advantage, I performed a flawless spinning hip thrust, finishing with clap while puffing out my chest like a peacock.  With a bow, I turned and continued on my way.  An onlooker to this may have been puzzled by the display of control that Jack had just executed, but we both knew that the next round of demanding a Jagger would be mine.  After all, this is how a Jagg Off works.

Inspired by Evan and Gareth and their hilarious, yet ill fated and tragic Jagg Off that was documented on tape here , Jack, Mosh and I entered into a Jagg Off about a month ago.  This contest of athleticism, mental toughness, dexterity and sex appeal is the ultimate tribute to the amazing, flamboyant moves of Mick Jagger.

So far, it has been a game of cheeky fun, not escalating to Evan and Gareth’s level of depravity.  Mosher and I have drawn respectful battle lines, being mature men closer to their late than early twenties, but then there is a wildcat among us, and his real name is John.  What does the future of the Jagg Off hold for us?  While each of us has an idea, none have the power of foresight.  So, as we lay down each night, perhaps to dream of future opportunities to request a Best Jagger, waves of trepidation wash over us.  For we know, just as our moves have improved each day as we channel our inner Jaggers, there is a long way to go before we are on the level of Mick Jagger himself.   In fact, we will likely never get to that level.  But we can try.  No, maybe we’ll never have moves like his, and we’ll probably never do what can only be presumed to have been a massive amount of drugs with David Bowie before dancing in the streets, but you know what?  We can try.  We can try to be like this: