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I’m so excited! I’m so, so scared!

In Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood on January 3, 2009 at 4:24 pm

The following is directly quoted from perhaps my proudest achievement in life: a Facebook group I created back in the fall of 2004 while a senior in college.  Now, I agree that it is kind of sad that the proudest achievement of my life thus far is to create a group that a mere 78 Bowdoin College students are now members of, but this was before Facebook broke down the barriers and let people from other different schools join the same groups.  The group, “I’m So Excited… I’m So Excited… I’m So… So… So Scared,” spread through Facebook like the Fever, with tribute groups quickly popping up at schools like Brown and Michigan, among others.

To get in the mood, take a moment and watch an abbreviated version of the scene again:

“This group is for anyone and everyone who, thanks to Jessie Spano, now knows the danger of caffeine pills. You have seen their devastating effects, how they can cause someone to black out for hours, completely forget they took Dewey’s midterm, and miss a crucial performance of their band, Hot Sundae, that night at the MAX. You, like millions of other Americans, witnessed one of the greatest moments in television, nay, world history, when Jessie, in a caffeine induced rage, sang/screamed those famous words and collapsed into Zack’s arms. No, Hot Sundae never made it big. But millions of teenagers learned never to trust caffeine pills. After all, pot and whip its are much safer. Thanks to Zack, Jessie’s life was back on track… for a while. Until she bombed her SAT’s and her worst fears came true, as she was rejected by Stanford. She was last seen trying to make ends meet by stripping in Vegas. And it all started with those pills.”