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Vince Chase’s character is based on Uncle Jesse

In Jesse, the Rippers, and their contemporaries on August 6, 2010 at 10:45 pm

Don’t even think for a minute that I’ve missed that fact that our Golden Boy has joined the cast of Entourage, playing a hilarious sore loser/one time candidate to be Johnny Drama’s co-star.  Looking as young and Uncle Jesse-like as ever no less.  It’s great to see America’s Favorite Uncle (this title is not supported by any sort of nonsense scientific voting) back on the small screen doing what he does best: being cool.  Looking as spry as he did back when he was dropping beats faster than he was dropping panties with the Rippers, Stamos on the show is a hardcore ping pong enthusiast.  With some pretty damn good moves, no stunt double needed, thank you very much.  This all reminds me of the Full House episode that I saw last week when Uncle Jesse lifts Nicki and Alex up, one in each arm, while he was leg pressing two thousand pounds.  Literally.  Don’t worry, Aunt Becky was spotting him.


Party of the Decade: You’re Invited Even if You Didn’t Make the Video

In Just absolutely dominating people on December 12, 2009 at 3:02 pm

Yes, I realize that it is not hard to be the party of the decade when the decade is only a few hours old, but still, the overwhelming odds are that a throw down with the following legends on the invite list is going to be pretty life altering:

– Flava Flav

– The Balloon Boy

– The Ninja Turtles

– Mr. T

– Zack Morris

– The Kool Aid Man

– A freaking Tyrannosaurus Rex

– John Stamos  (Obviously)

– You

Here is your invitation, courtesy of Mosher, myself, apple products, William Wallace, magic markers and the song “Heavy Lifting” by Ambulance LTD.