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2 days until the illustrious Mr. Beads gets slapped so hard he cries

In Just absolutely dominating people on January 16, 2009 at 11:27 pm

Yes, it is coming.  Suit Up Sunday is two days away, and Beads will soon be slapped (by his choice, according to our Booze Bet, which of course he is doubtfully aware of).  There is pretty much no way he read my previous entry (yes, I am bitter, so the slap will be intense).   Therefore, it is extremely unlikely he knows we are in the most epic bet of 2009.  It is even more doubtful he is reading this because:

a) Let’s be honest, at this point this blog is not that great.  Though it is mildly entertaining.  I mean, I hope.
b) He is most likely making up in advance for Sunday by spending quality time with his lovely wife, Xtine. Apparently it takes two days to compensate for the mayhem we have planned for Suit Up Sunday.  I only somewhat forgive him.
c) He has a life

Do I care?  No.  I do not even feel slightly bad that he has unknowingly been entered into a bet he will lose.   I love him, so I will love slapping him.  Why do I love him?

As I have written before, I am an unabashed fan of dressing appropriately for various events.  As Suit Up Sunday proves, Beads is a huge supporter of this activity.  Therefore, I know he will be excited when I suggest that we go see Notorious wearing the most fabulous sweatsuedos we own.  Now, I don’t own any spectacular sweatsuedos, but luckily for this challenge, Beads does.  In fact, he has the most banging green and gold sweat suit that has “Brooklyn” written across the chest of his jacket.  When I borrow this outfit, or his 3 piece Burberry suit (it is his choice), we will have the proper outfits to make a splash in the theater.

Two gangster outifts on the whitest kids you know, watching a movie about a badass rapper from Bed-Stuy in Brooklyn is pretty much the norm with us.  That’s just how we roll.