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I love your music, so I will kick you in the nuts

In Jesse, the Rippers, and their contemporaries on January 7, 2009 at 2:21 pm

Say what you want about, but it’s ad-free radio, so it’s pretty rad in my book.  Sure there may be better sites out there, but I challenge someone to find something I like better than typing in the artist “Islands” and seeing what the geniuses at the Music Genome Project have come up with.  Alright, I am coming off a four-month long at work addiction to the “Arcade Fire” station, but whatever.  It’s hit after hit; currently I have been riding on a roller coaster of sound through tracks by The Shins (you can hate on them, but I’m with Zach Braff in Garden State… to a degree), The Pixies, Cake, The Flaming Lips, Wolf Parade, Death Cab For Cutie and Islands’ song, “Rough Gem.”  Listen to it.  Or better yet, check out the video of it below (if for no other reason than to see kids dressed up as dogs acting like newscasters).  But after you watch, finish reading, I’ve got some good stuff planned:

The Flaming Lips just came back on and it’s one of the best songs ever- “Fight Test,” so I’m for the repetition in this case.  It reminds me of this summer when I went hiking on the Appalachian Trail with two friends, Mosh and F-Bomb.  To pass the time while we walked. and walked. and walked, we talked about a lot of things.  Life, sports, food, music, movies, women, how much our feet hurt, how much faster Mosh was at walking than us, which Ninja Turtle we would most want to be, and other important things of that nature.  At one point F-Bomb regaled me with a tale of how one of his friends at a music festival was walking around late and night screaming “I’m going to kick Wayne Coyne in the nuts!” (for those of you not in the know, Coyne is the lead singer of The Flaming Lips.  If that doesn’t mean much to you, you may remember a song about the girl that Coyne knows who will make you breakfast, who’ll make you toast, but she won’t use butter, and she won’t use cheese.  She won’t use jelly or any of these, but she sure will use that delicious Vaseline.)  After apparently yelling it for an extended period of time while walking back to his tent, a shadowy, grizzled figure emerged from a tent and asked, “So, I hear you want to kick me in the nuts?”  Of course, F-Bomb’s friend loved Wayne Coyne (in 2009, in lieu of cards, I am going to send loved ones a kick in their nuts), and they exchanged pleasantries, saving Wayne Coyne’s gonads and ensuring his voice’s octave level would remain killer for future generations of music lovers.