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March MADNESS: VCU men lose game, VCU women lose dignity on national TV

In People are so weird, The Sporting Life on March 20, 2009 at 1:13 am

Today marked the first of the four consecutive days that mark, for my money, the best of the year.  From Thursday through Sunday, 48 high quality, intense, extremely interesting basketball games are played.  It is perfectly acceptable to have streaming video of the games open on your computer at work, and you’re looked at as having a problem if you don’t gamble (seriously, who wouldn’t want to be in at least one pool?).  A note about the streaming video: kudos to all around for their fantastic work.  Thanks also for eliminating the wait time that was necessary to endure last year, and again giving us the option to watch any game in play.  You rule.

So far, like most people (chalk , for the most part, won out today.  For you non-fans, that means the higher seeds won their match-ups), I did well in my bracket.  I finished the day with 13/16 picks correct- my crowning achievement was 12 seed Western Kentucky defeating 5 seed Illinois in the South bracket.  You always have to pick at least one of the four 12 seeds to  win in the first round (I also have Wisconsin winning tomorrow), and this year I decided to step it up and pick 13 seed North Dakota St. to defeat 4 seed and perennial power Kansas.  It could come back to haunt me, but if it actually happens, oh what a pick up line I will have to use tomorrow night.  Seriously, girls go nuts over the fact that you picked upsets in the tournament.  Especially when you have a computer print out of your bracket in your back pocket for proof.

The last game of the night was the entertaining battle between VCU (11) and UCLA (6).  The game went down to the wire, and generally the free advertising that a university receives from having a team in the tournament is good for the school.  Applications at VCU may have gone down for next year, however.  It had nothing to do with the men on the court; no, they performed admirably.  The student section, on the other hand, hit RB (Rock Bottom).  With 1:57 left in the game, tension was high, nerves were rattled, shirts were off.  On girls.  This is a great thing, right?  Not quite.  I was enjoying a delicious orange popsicle when all of a sudden, my heavenly 46” TV suddenly, and without warning, displayed this image:



Seriously, those girls look 13.  The broadcast suddenly went from PG to PG-13, and that was a change I was not ready for.  The girl on the left actually ends up looking pretty cute, but after pausing the game and looking at her in various frames for about 5 minutes, Mosher and I definitely finished the debate.  Compared to her friend (who, by the way, is borderline heinous.  How did the producers of the game let this image slip into the broadcast?), she is hot, and she seems to have a lovely body- but if you put clothes on her, she would be average to quite average.  Kind of like me.  When I can’t use my 6-pack to get girls, it’s back to square one (aka relying on the bracket flashing).

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case three: not enough clothes

A picture is worth a thousand words, or in this case three: not enough clothes

  1. Why did that one on the right keep looking at the camera?????? Why? It appears she’s actually wearing a cheap plastic lei necklace to highlight her pre-pubescence. For the record, the fella next to the girl on the left looks like he’s being forced to enjoy himself at this game. Yet another strike against VCU.

  2. VCU was playing UCLA! Every fan shot should have been devoted to the UCLA cheerleaders or at least a UCLA fan.

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